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Purchase Policy

Limit $100 per customer


To ensure fair competition and maintain product quality, there is a limit of $100 per customer.


1. Limited Stock:
Our stock is limited and our refurbished products are highly sought after. The purpose of the quota is to give more customers access to high-quality refurbished products and to prevent certain customers from monopolizing supply.


2. Environmental Considerations:
We are committed to sustainable consumption. By limiting purchase amounts, we help reduce overconsumption and waste of resources, promote sustainable consumption, and have a positive impact on the environment. This means you can buy what you need instead of accumulating unnecessary inventory.


3. Preventing Abuse:

Purchasing limits also help prevent product misuse, such as hoarding or reselling for profit. This ensures that more people can benefit from our special offers without falling victim to unfair exploitation.


4. Product Quality Assurance:
Each refurbished product undergoes a meticulous inspection and maintenance process to ensure its performance and appearance meet high standards. The purchase limit policy is conducive to maintaining product quality and reputation, ensuring that every customer enjoys the best product experience.

We appreciate your understanding and support.